• Bars

    The Chocolate Bar collection from artisanal chocolatier, SHE Universe. Delicious treats and gifts... 

  • Moments

    Chocolate Moments, the highly sought-after and enjoyed flagship collection from artisanal chocolatier,... 

  • Hot Chocolates

    Chocolate drinks from artisanal chocolatier, SHE Universe. 

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Try our Award-winning Chocolates

With joy and delight, SHE chocolates are infused with inspiration, care and love. Our desire is that our love of handcrafting amazing chocolate delights more than your taste buds, that your heart opens to the taste of the Infinite!

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The SHE Universe

SHE Favourites

Delighting and inspiring from our humble Christchurch origins, for over 15 years these are the chocolates that continue to be enjoyed across Aotearoa.
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