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79 Main Road
Governors Bay, Canterbury, 8971
New Zealand


The Story of She


The Story

Over 10 years ago Suzanne Johnson was travelling through Govenors Bay and her heart said ‘this is where we need to bring about an inspiring community who are committed to bringing real change to Humanity.

She called Bernie (B Prior), and he said lets find a property. 6 months later a large property in the valley Ohinetahi was found.

A few months later Suzanne said if the little café comes up for sale in the bay we should buy it – one month later guess what happened – it did!

The café was purchased through an inspired business plan and a very supportive bank Manager and She café began her journey.

The philosophy was to Nourish Body & Being through creative love filled cuisine.

The cafe continued to serve loved filled food for 9 months until a massive fire burned through the building destroying a significant part of it.

6 months later the café reopened, expanded new and offering a much bigger potential with a function room. It was at this time also that the chocolate was born through the passion and love of Oonagh who started with the decadent Date at the Lyttelton market.

The story continued through earth quakes and life’s challenges to this day.

The philosophy is still the same to Nourish Body and Being and to offer the invitation to Live an extraordinary life.