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Superfood Cacao

Cacao is a superfood as more and more scientific evidence shows it is an incredible support to the body. In its raw form it is a potent superfood. However the more processing that is applied the more it looses its magnificent properties. But often raw unprocessed chocolate is not so enjoyable...

Our Koko Samoa collection is developed to do two things:
• Optimise the health benefits of cacao • Be extraordinary decadent.
Yes both can be achieved!

The power and goodness that is in the cacao bean depends on the variety of bean, its growing environment, its fermentation, drying, roasting, processing. At She Universe we are involved in every step with Ms Sunshine farms. We know each tree, the nutrients they are provided, how long the beans are fermented, their journey to New Zealand. When they arrive at She we gently handle them, slow roast on a very low heat, and craft them into stunning decadent divine treats, that nourish body, soul, spirit and taste buds.

We conch our chocolate to super smooth. It is impossible to tell that it is almost raw. We use many secrets that the cacao revealed as we worked with it, to ensure that its power and magnificence is brought all the way through whilst being all things chocolate should be.

Enjoy some of the top benefits of Cacao:

1) Highest source of Antioxidants.
2) Releases endorphins - the love food.
3) Increases serotonin levels and supports hormone balance.
4) Good for the heart.
5) Helps circulation.
6) Improves digestion.
7) Highest source of Magnesium so great for stress, lowers blood pressure, reduces type 11 diabetes.
8) Contains high levels of Iron.
9) Improves insulin resistance.
10) Reduces coughs.
11) Thins the blood.
12) Increases energy despite having tiny amounts of caffeine.