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Sugarfree Chocolate


Sugarfree Chocolate

dairy free, gluten free, paleo friendly sugarfree chocolate that normal people love! ...and you're not dreaming...


Sugarfree Cold Turkey

About a year ago my daughter discovered that she couldn’t have sugars. And so a new journey began. I jumped in with her and together we went cold turkey. Let go of all sugars and grains and embraced mainly a Paleo diet (Paleo is a diet based on ancient natural eating and does not have any grains, processed foods, dairy (we didn’t drop the dairy) or sugar)...

I know (and its one of my passions) that amazing taste flavours and experiences can be found without using traditional ingredients such as sugar. The first three weeks were pretty tough I have to admit...

Oonagh Browne - Chocolate Ambassador

Oonagh Browne - Chocolate Ambassador