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Samoan Cacao Retreats

Women’s Samoan Cacao RetreatS


5th - 11th May 2019 (early bird until Jan 31st)

8th - 14th Sept 2019

An invitation for women who have a great love of chocolate, to step back inside of themselves and rediscover who they are through:


The Samoan traditional way

Nourishing local cuisine

Culinary exploration


Passion for chocolate and cacao

Creativity (chocolate crafting)

And being held in love


Six nights and five days designed to bring the most incredible experiences and alongside cacao and chocolate you will also experience activities such as  basket weaving, coconut cream making,

long boat rowing and much much more.

This is a chocolate journey taking you back to the source of chocolate and into your own true Source. A journey into your heart and your taste buds. A time to reconnect with the inner mystery that is always here, all under the power of the cacao trees, the ancient magic of tropical Samoa and She Universe passion.

You will be taken into the heart of cacao and chocolate, the land, the source of many wonderful ingredients and many adventures. Every day is full of amazing new discoveries and experiences that will touch, enrich, open and nourish you.


~ The Cacao Plantation ~

About The Retreat...

As well journeying into every aspect of Cacao, you will visit and discover the source of many superfood ingredients from Cacao, Coffee, Tumeric, Ginger, tropical fruits, Cinnamon, Noni, traditional Samoan healing herbs and more…and of course the incredible process of growing and maturing vanilla.

The food will be vegetarian and local fish. Gluten Free and Dairy free can be catered for.

These 6 nights and five days have been designed to bring you the most incredible experience alongside chocolate such as basket weaving, coconut cream making, long boat rowing and much much more.

From Oonagh:

Everything I have loved and adored over my last four years of exploration in Samoa will be yours to delve into over these five day and 6 evenings. My passion for life, for all things chocolate, the connection with the Cacao trees, the power of food for healing, the art of crafting with chocolate is calling you.

This time is my gift to you, to share all that I have discovered over the last years in my journey with Cacao, my exploration of life and all that I have been gifted with, and I am so profoundly grateful for all the gifts.. I have spent the last four years visiting Samoa and journeying deeper and deeper into Cacao and on this last trip I worked, merged and listened to the land, listened to my heart the trees and the Universe to fuse together these six days. No part is an add on! Every part is an essential ingredient to the whole and it all awaits you. It will be full, it will be challenging, it will be joyful, it will be transformational and you will love it! So many new experiences await you.

I promise to give everything I am and the connection to Cacao and life that I know possible during this Cacao retreat. I will be honoured to have you in my care and in the care of the love that I know with every breath. Everything I know and am is yours.
And this love will be expanded with many amazing Women who also live their passion and will be joining us.

This is a unique time where we merge being in the deep and stillness together and being out in life, learning to stay in the stillness as we journey together and explore..
This is a retreat for woman to open up and flower amongst the Samoan tropical backdrop.

Oonagh's Special Guests...

The retreat includes meeting amazing and inspiring Samoan women:

The Resort...

The Orator Hotel

The Orator is in the highlands, about 20 minutes from the Cacao Farm and 15 minutes from Apia, Samoa’s Capital. It is actually where I spent my very first night in Samoa. It is a three star resort and yet is beautifully simple, clean and professional. The staff are caring and friendly and everything possible will be done to ensure our stay is comfortable but it is a three star and not a five star resort.

The rooms all have air-conditioning, the pool is large and there are beautiful gardens and decking for early morning stretching, yoga and quite time. Some of the spaces do need a little TLC but I only noticed this on a cloudy day – when the sun was shining I just saw sparkle! Please enjoy the photos which I have taken so you are clear on the caliber of accommodation. 4 star accommodation is very expensive in Samoa as it is designed for the tourist market. The Orator hotel is filled with Samoan guests as it is a popular destination for returning visiting families home for a holiday in Samoa. On every level I want this retreat to take you back into a real feel of Samoa and so the Orator felt perfect in every way for this.

The Food...

Breakfast will be prepared by the resort and will be fruit platters, eggs and others options if one would like to eat meat.

The remainder of the retreat will be fish and vegetarian showcasing local cusine.

Ms Sunshine Farmer Foodie will create four of our lunches also.


This is an outline as I didn’t want to give everything away and the schedule may change around. A full itinerary for each day will be provided the night before. The events below will be included and more at some point over the retreat.

SUNDAY ~ Evening arrival  
From 4pm onwards at The Resort
Celebrating being together and chocolate
Buffet dinner
Meeting, opening, cacao evening – history of cacao & cacao appreciation 

MONDAY ~ Opening up
Heart Gathering
Vanilla Plantation and meeting Shelley
Visit Local Tourist sites
Swimming & Picnic
Local Food Market Tour
Relaxing with Traditional Samoan Treatments and Meeting Lufilufi and her beautiful skin care range.

TUESDAY ~ The Power of Cacao from the inside Out
Stillness workshop to connect from the inside out
Cacao Plantation
-Introduction and Inspiration about Cacao
-Harvest pods
-Pruning trees
-Cut open pods
-Plant seedlings – put their name on it
-Taste the fruit – morning tea platter of bush tucker
-Learn some facts of the magnificence of the tree
-Spend some time just sitting and wondering amongst them, listening to them
Look for a Criollo Bean
Learn to weave
Traditional Lunch

Rest and relaxation at the Resort
Evening Inspirational talk The one Beat with Zita Martel

WEDNESDAY ~ The Traditional Way
All day Island tour
Evening Long boat Rowing
Heart Sharing – asking questions about Samoa, about Life, about Chocolate

THURSDAY ~ Day of flow and trust…
Free Time…or Coffee Plantation tour
Surprise event with traditional packed lunch
And swim
Traditional Evening show
Heart Sharing..

FRIDAY ~ Staying True and crafting chocolate
Early morning on the Farm Processing beans/fermenting/sundrying
Boutique Samoan Chocolate factory tour..
Free time in town
Tempering and playing with chocolate, making bean to bar..
Celebration and closing dinner 

Sleep in..



What do you have to do:
Follow your heart...
Book the retreat
Book your flights (we advise booking for at least 7 nights so you can have a night in Samoa to integrate and be by the ocean)
Pack the list you will receive
Bring you full bag of patience for Samoan time
And participate taking everything back in as your own unique gift to grow and discover…