About Us

At She Universe we are not only Chocolate Specialists but true Chocolate Alchemists who breathe and follow the vastness of chocolate - its depth, wonder and magic to bring you the gold of true chocolate experience.

We are New Zealand's only Chocolatiers and Confiseurs in that we craft both from the cacao bean and work with the finest full bean chocolate crafted for us by Trade Aid right here in Christchurch, in a blend of three origins: Ecuador, Peru and the Dominica.
Our bean to bar chocolate created on site from full cacao beans (single origin Peru or Solomon) invites you for true flavour from the tree, the farm and the region. The creaminess is because the natural ratio of Cacao butter in the bean is maintained as well as the depth of flavour.

“Our chocolate carries the code of love, passion and creativity that overflows and connects to the greatness inside everyone.

We craft our chocolate from a place that is not the mind, that is not training, that is not rules of the shoulds and should-nots with chocolate. It is a from a place of love for an ingredient, for expressing life without limitations and for knowing the impossible is possible in openness. In this, magic happens, flavours erupt and textures never known before appear.

- Oonagh, Chocolate Ambassador