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79 Main Road
Governors Bay, Canterbury, 8971
New Zealand

Oonagh's Special Guests

Lufillufi Rasmussen


CEO and Founder of Misiluki Skincare

Coconut oil has always been part of the “getting ready” ritual for any Samoan. In my early years, my mother, aunties and grandmother would rub coconut oil onto my hair and body after bathing. As a teen, I suffered from terrible acne. My mother would rub local turmeric mixed with coconut oil onto my forehead and my skin cleared up. But at the age of 25, my acne returned. I had inflamed scarred skin that led to low self-esteem. A cosmetologist friend gave me a facial using only natural products. To complete my facial, she applied essential oils mixed with coconut oil.

It was a tender flashback to time spent with my mother. In the morning, my skin started to heal and feel smoother. In that moment, I began a journey to educate myself about natural ingredients and essentials oils. Using my own formulas, my skin tone evened out and the scarring faded over time. I started sharing my special oils with close friends, who also had great results. My passion for the beauty industry and business led to the establishment of Misiluki Day Spa in 2008. The year after, I began to develop Misiluki Skincare – using raw organic virgin coconut oil from Samoa as the hero ingredient.

The Misiluki packaging is inspired by my personal journey as a Samoan woman who wears the malu with pride. The ancient and intricate symbols are a constant reminder to me of the power of the malu to shelter and protect. It is the embodiment of strength and femininity.

The malu is the Samoan female tattoo unique to Samoa. It is a living art form traditionally given to the daughters of the high chiefs. Today, the malu is still regarded as a sacred Samoan treasure. It is the spiritual connection of a Samoan woman to her ancestors, her motherland and her traditions; the malu is gifted and received in loto alofa.

It will be an  honour to share this and my knowledge and connection to Samao and love of nourishing the feminine skin with you on this retreat.