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79 Main Road
Governors Bay, Canterbury, 8971
New Zealand

Oonagh's Special Guests

Floris Niu


In 2014, Floris, an internationally travelled business entrepreneur and speaker of five languages, returned to her birth home Samoa, for 3 reasons:

To heal
To rest and
To grow cacao.

The western world and its demands no longer served a purpose in her life having just recently cured herself of cancer. Even though she didn’t fully know what her purpose was, sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith.

Floris is clear that what she has been learning about since returning to Samoa is faith. Faith that all will be ok without her daughter beside her (Whi lives in New Zealand where Floris also grew up), faith that the trees will grow and take care of her, faith that her village will eventually embrace her and her crazy ideas and ventures. faith that she will be able to mend and build bridges with everyone she needs to and faith that she will be surrounded by the right people who would encourage and support her vision.

On her cacao farm she has seen every cycle of life and sees the farm as her biggest teacher and role model. She has seen Mother Nature's wrath and her unconditional love. The magic of her plantation keeps bringing home the truths that were never obvious in the western world. Floris will share her heart, her plantation and her inspiration with you, as well as of course her cacao wisdom. Where there is great love there is great Life!!