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79 Main Road
Governors Bay, Canterbury, 8971
New Zealand

Oonagh's Special Guests

Shelley Burich


Owner/Farmer/Creator of Vaoala Vanilla

Vaoala Vanilla is about a passion.  It is about Shelley’s passion; her dream, and now a business entity. The name Vaoala Vanilla not only signifies where Shelley lives and where it all started, but the meaning of Vaoala embodies the philosophy behind the product.  ‘Vao’ (wooded or forest/treed area) and ‘ala’ (to awaken or enlighten).  Vaoala Vanilla has awoken Shelley’s passion and awareness of working in harmony with Mother Nature. 

Shelley Burich is managing the business with the help of her adult children and grandchildren being involved when they are able.  As the business grows, so too will employment and training opportunities for the local community.  It is Shelley’s vision to expand into creating a vanilla workforce, giving employment opportunities to youth, women and people with disability in learning the art of growing and maintaining vanilla.  This workforce will become the vanilla experts in helping contract farmers with their vanilla farms on a rotational basis and ensures supply consistency to Vaoala Vanilla. 

Shelley will inspire you with her passion, her totality in being with her vanilla and her visionary out reach from Samoa to the world. She is taking on Vanilla not just in Samoa but knowing that this could be the next Madagascar for this gorgeous ingredient. Shelleys vanilla certainly is of this quality.