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79 Main Road
Governors Bay, Canterbury, 8971
New Zealand

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Easter 2019 Wholesale Brochure


“Streaming Love”

Organic Fairtrade Full Bean Chocolate!

Dearest Stockists,

Welcome to Easter 2019! This year’s collection is slightly smaller to strengthen the products that sell well.

We have also gone fully organic/fair-trade. As a result, in some of the products, there is a price increase over last year.

We have let go of the Diamond egg and are taking our Creativity Eggs to a whole new level in shape, art and weight. Not only will each egg be a one-off masterpiece, it will also contain inside a collection of She’s favourites.

It will be over 450gm of Chocolate magic!

Creativity Flowing

450g of chocolate with gorgeous chocolate surprises inside.

Amazing new shapes and Designs this year.

The Egg Bar

Our sugar free, hot-cross-bun-flavoured Easter bar.

½ Dozen Drunkn Caramel Eggs

Winning gift of 2018, ½ dozen egg sized eggs filled with caramel liqueurs

Hazel Egg Duet

Our divinely popular Hazel Heaven Batons in a twin egg pack.

Truffle Nest

An open egg shell featuring flavours of our 2019 Easter Collection.

Bunny Pack

This year our three bunny’s adventures take them to the city.

Happy The Hen

Last year ‘Happy’ was sugar free, but this year she is the dairy free offering for children. We can custom make her in sugar free for your customers if required.
(2018 image shown for mold shape - new image coming soon)

The Easter Treasure Chest

A popular product last year for the family as this is designed to be shared and holds all kinds of chocolate edible treasures plus this year's bunny story.
(2018 image shown - new image coming soon)

Product Information Sheet

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When you spend over $2000 on any combination of products from our Easter collection, we will create an in-store display for you which will include a display stand, posters and tasters.

There are two styles of stand available - a children’s stand and our 2019 themed stand. We will work with you for what is best for your floor space and effect you would like.