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79 Main Road
Governors Bay, Canterbury, 8971
New Zealand


Chocolate School


She Universe Chocolate School

She's Chocolate School is more than a school. It is an invitation into chocolate passion, creativity and becoming a true chocolate connoisseur! 

In these unique culinary journeys all your senses are indulged as you open to chocolate in a whole new way. Touch on the mystery and history of chocolate and ‘hands on’ learn the fundamentals alongside one of She’s wonderful Chocolatiers. Learn the art of tempering and make your very own truffles. The sky is your limit in terms of where you take it from here!

If you love chocolate then don’t think twice... jump onboard and join the creativity and passion in our chocolate kitchen. Our love of and experience in chocolate is yours!

Life is for living and for loving chocolate!
Let’s jump in together!
— Oonagh Browne, Chocolate Ambassador


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The She Universe Chocolate School runs from our chocolaterie and chocolate kitchens at 79 Main Rd Governors Bay. Book a table for 'lunch after school' here. Children’s classes are held by Daniela our passionate Colombian Chocolatier...

About Daniela:

"When I was a child I fell in love with chocolate in all ways and I found in this my passion, creativity and a way to find myself - my happiness. I love to share this with these amazing kids, because they are full of possibilities and I know from my experience that if the chocolate can connect them to their creativity, great things can come for them. It is my pleasure to share and enjoy chocolate with them."

Daniela grew up in Colombia. They grow Cacao in Colombia but as a tradition there is very little crafting of chocolate and so Daniela’s burning passion to become a Chocolatier was an unusual desire amongst her friends... But Daniela followed her passion and trained as a pastry chef, opening her own chocolate shop at a young age and then finding her way to She Universe. Daniela is an experienced Chocolatier full of passion, has an amazing connection with chocolate, is talented in blending chocolate & flavours and knows its gift as a creative tool to express oneself.