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Hoppity, Toppity, Boppity & Zorean's Treasure

Bunny Stories

Hoppity, Toppity, Boppity & Zorean's Treasure


Hoppity, Toppity, and Boppity bounded through the woods.
It was a lovely, sunny day and the three bunnies could not be more excited, for it was that time of year again; time to make chocolate!
In the years since they had ventured beyond their home in the grassy hollow, they had made many friends, like the once lonely Mr. Hare, Hilary the great eagle, and Zorean the talented but somewhat scatterbrained wizard.
They had also met Koko, the pixie who lived in a cacao tree.
He had taught the bunnies to make chocolate of their own, which they loved to share with all their friends.
That was where they were headed now, to Koko’s cacao tree.

Along the way, the bunnies stopped by to visit Herbert the Peacock and pick up one of his feathers. 
This was very important as it was needed to tickle the cacao tree until it dropped cacao pods for making chocolate.
The bunnies had agreed to meet their friends before mid-day and didn’t want to be late, but Herbert was in a very talkative mood.
“The trick to such marvelously luscious feathers, you see is proper conditioning and moisturizing!
A solid thirty minutes in the morning and the evening should be dedicated to this without exception, in fact one could even argue that this might not be sufficient! Now, as for the kind of moisturizer, I would suggest…” Herbert then went on to describe all the kinds of feather moisturizers that he preferred, using lots of big words that even Toppity didn’t understand.
“How long do you think he’s going to talk for?” Hoppity whispered to the others.
“I don’t know, but we’re going to be late soon!” Toppity whispered back.
“…So in conclusion” Herbert was still talking. “You really just have to experiment until you find what works for you.”
He looked very pleased with himself “Any questions?”
Hoppity and Toppity both shook their heads quickly.
“Nope. Nuh-uh. None at all.”
“Definitely not. Very educational. Thanks Herb.” Hoppity gave a thumbs-up.
Boppity, who had not been listening to the others’ whispers raised his paw.
The other bunnies stared at him in horror, waving their paws frantically and making ‘shush’ motions.
“Yes?” Prompted Herbert, delighted to have a question.
“What’s a hi-dray-shun?” Boppity carefully pronounced the puzzling word.
“Hydration! I’m so glad you asked! Fascinating subject!” And the peacock was off again, big words and all, with a very long explanation.
Hoppity and Toppity’s ears flopped in despair.
Eventually, when Herbert felt that the bunnies had been thoroughly educated on the subject of plumage-care he gave each of them a feather, and they were on their way before Boppity could ask any more questions.

The three bunnies had agreed to meet Mr. Hare and Zorean at Koko’s tree and when they arrived there was Mr. Hare, and there was Koko, but the wizard was nowhere to be seen.
“Sorry we’re late!” Said Toppity.
“Have you seen Zorean yet?” Asked Hoppity.
“No, I thought he’d be coming with you” Mr. Hare replied.
“He was going to meet us all here” said Toppity “I thought he’d already be here since we were so late.”
“He certainly wouldn’t want to miss today” said Koko.
Boppity tugged on his own ear, he often did this when he was thinking “Has anyone seen Zorean at all lately?” he asked.
They all fell silent for a few moments. Now that they thought about it none of them had seen the wizard for quite some time.
“We should go and see if he’s at his tower” decided Hoppity. “Just in case he’s forgotten about today.”
“And about the outside world…” mumbled Mr. Hare.
They all agreed that it would be a good idea to check and set off towards the wizard’s tower.

They arrived at the tower and rang the doorbell.
“Zorean is not at home!” said a booming voice, making them all jump. “Please leave a message after the ALAKAZAM!”
Lights flashed and fizzled around the door and the sound of thunder echoed in the air.
“Well, that was dramatic” remarked Hoppity.
“Aren’t those usually on phones?” Boppity wondered out loud.
They were all wondering where to look next when Koko noticed something.
“Look” he pointed “The door isn’t even closed properly.”
He gave it a little push and it swung wide open. 
They all peered inside.
“Hello? Zorean?” Mr. Hare called out. 
There was no answer.
Hoppity was the first to move, hopping right in and straight through to the main room, which Zorean used as a study, a lounge, a dining room and sometimes a bedroom. 
It wasn’t as if the tower was small, in fact it had plenty of rooms to be used for all these things, Zorean just had a strange way of doing things. 
A messy way.
“Look at the state of this place!” exclaimed Toppity, and rightly so. There were open boxes and chests with books, scrolls and other magical looking objects strewn all over the place. 
There was hardly a single shelf, table, chair or square inch of floor without things on it.
“I knew he was messy but this is…” Koko trailed off.
“Is a bit much” finished Boppity.
Toppity noticed a desk with only a few things on it and made her way over, carefully treading between colorful wizard’s robes and pointy hats. 
These must be important, she thought to herself, they’re not in piles with everything else.
On the desk was a large book and three pieces of paper. 
One was a photo of a man and a woman standing with a boy between them. The boy was wearing a wizard’s hat that was much too large for him. 
They were all smiling. 
“Look at this!” Toppity showed the photo to the others.
“That must be Zorean’s family” said Koko.
Toppity picked up another paper, a letter, and read it aloud:
“My dearest boy, Zorean. 
“It is so lovely to hear from you. Unfortunately, I am not sure where the map you are looking for is. 
I have sent you some of the boxes from your old room at home, hopefully it is in one of those.
Now, have you been eating well and brushing your teeth? I have also sent you some new pairs of underwear. 
I worry that you don’t change them often enough. Do you want me to send more of those snacks that you like?”
Toppity stopped reading. “Yep, this is definitely from his mum” she said, “It’s a lot longer.”
“Did you say snacks?” Boppity’s ears lifted.
Hoppity picked up the last paper. It was brown and wrinkled with age.
“Cool!” he exclaimed “It’s a treasure map!”
Toppity looked unconvinced “Are you sure it’s not just a regular map?” she asked.
“Yeah, look. It’s got a riddle on it!” Hoppity handed the map over to Toppity.
She looked it over carefully. It was of a single island. Something was written across the top of the map in scribbly writing. 
Again, Toppity read aloud:

When they shine through the ground
As they do in the sky
Follow the lights
To where treasure doth lie

“What does that mean?” asked Koko.
Toppity scratched her chin. “I have no idea” she admitted.
“Doth is a very old way of saying do or does” said Mr. Hare.
He had cleared a pile of socks from an armchair and was sitting down. 
“Also, there’s something on the back of that map” he pointed out.
Toppity turned the map over. On the back were some dots in the shape of an arrow.
“Oh. Maybe it has something to do with the riddle?” she suggested.
Boppity had hopped over to the large book and was studying it closely.
It was an atlas, and had been left open to a map of a long coastline. Off the coast were a few islands, and Boppity was sure that there was something familiar about them.
“Isn’t that the island from the map?” he asked, pointing at one of them.
Toppity hopped over to take a look. It certainly seemed to be the same one.
Toppity looked at the map. 
Then at the atlas, and back at the map again.
After a few seconds her serious thinking frown gave way to a wide, delighted grin.
“I know where Zorean is” she exclaimed, triumphantly.
“And that also means that I know where our next adventure will be!”   

~ ~ ~ 

“What?” said Hoppity, Boppity, and Koko, all at once.
“I beg your pardon?” said Mr. Hare.
“Boppity’s right” exclaimed Toppity “The very same island from the map is on this atlas.”
They all gathered around to see from themselves.
“So it is” said Koko. “Zorean must have found the island that the map belongs to.”
Hoppity was jumping up and down in excitement. “He’s gone treasure-hunting!”
Boppity was pulling on his ear again. “You said something about our next adventure. 
Are you suggesting that we follow Zorean to the island?” he asked Toppity.
“Exactly” she replied. “He’s left his map behind. He could be hopelessly lost!”
“Oh, Zorean” Mr. Hare shook his head. “You scatterbrained wizard.”

They all agreed that the best way to get to the island would be to fly with their friend Hilary, the eagle. 
They went to visit her, at her nest in the forest and showed her the atlas. 
Luckily, she knew the area.
“My great uncle lives on the cliffs of that coast” she said. “We can leave as soon as you’re ready.”
They were ready now.
All except for Mr. Hare.
“I think I’ll sit this one out” he said. “I’m too old to be adventuring on mysterious islands.”
The others waved to him from Hilary’s back as they took off.
Boppity called out to him “We’ll tell you all about it when we get back!”

It didn’t take Hilary very long to reach the island. 
The bunnies all gazed down in amazement. The island had grassy hills, a mountain and sandy beaches along the shore, where the sparking sea made foamy waves.
“Let’s see if we can spot him from up here” said Toppity.
Hilary flew in a little closer and began to circle the island.
They all peered down, searching for any hint of Zorean’s starry robes, but even after making several loops of the entire island not one of them had spotted so much as a pointy hat.
“We might have to continue searching on land” suggested Hoppity.
Hilary swooped in low and landed gently in the hills. The four friends slid off the eagles back and onto the soft, green grass.
“I must be getting back to my chicks now” said Hilary. “Good luck to you all!”
They waved to her as she flew away, and then went back to their search on foot.

Hours passed, the sun sank lower, and the bunnies and Koko felt like they’d searched everywhere. 
Over hills, through valleys, up and down beaches, all the while calling out Zorean’s name. 
Still there was no sign of him. 
The bunnies all started to worry.
What if he wasn’t here at all?
What if they never found him?
What if the island was, in fact of no significance and the writer had only sent them there in a brash attempt to further the plot?
Boppity, the least worried of them all was far too busy looking at clouds to watch where he was going, and tripped over a rock.
“Ouch” said Boppity.
“Ouch” said the rock.
Boppity was just about to apologize when he remembered that rocks don’t usually say “Ouch”.
He peered at it suspiciously.
The rock, further damaging its credibility as such, started to ripple and wobble.
It stretched and warped and all of a sudden it was a wizard.
“Zorean!” Boppity cheered.
Zorean sat on the grass rubbing his head. “My gosh, you have a hard foot” he remarked.
The others, having heard all the noise came running over.
“Zorean!” they cried.
“Where were you?”
Boppity hugged the wizard tightly. “He was a rock, and I tripped over him!”
“Excuse me?” Hoppity didn’t quite understand.
“I was trying to get some sleep and thought that maybe being a rock would help.” Said Zorean “I wasn’t counting on Boppity stepping on me.”
“What have you been doing here?” asked Koko.
“Are you treasure-hunting?” added Hoppity, hopefully.
Zorean told them all about the map and the magical artefact that it led to, a wand that would take you to what it knew would make you truly happy.
He told them about how, when he was younger, an uncle had told him of the wand and given him the map that led to it. He had been determined to find it and had left his childhood home to study and search for any clues of where the island might be. Zorean had discovered scrolls and books that told tales of the wand, but he could never work out where it was.
Eventually he had given up and moved to the tower in the forest where he trained to become a wizard. It was then he had met the bunnies and came to forget all about the island and its fabled wand.
“That was until about a week ago” Zorean explained. “I came across an atlas at the wizards’ market. You can imagine my excitement when I realized that it had the island in it too! And after seeing that it was so close to the forest; I just had to go and search for the wand. That’s why I’m here, what are you all doing here?”
Toppity handed the map to Zorean.
“You left this at home” she said. “We were worried that you’d be lost without it.”
“Oh. Well, thank you” said Zorean “but I made a magical copy of it before I left.” 
The wizard opened his hand and above it appeared a transparent, blueish copy of the island map.
“Woah, that’s pretty cool” said Hoppity.
Boppity pulled a thinking face. “What about the other side?” he asked. “With the pattern on it.”
“Oh, those are probably just ink marks” Zorean replied. 
He closed his hand and the floating map disappeared.
“I’m glad you’re all here, though” said the wizard. “I haven’t had any luck figuring out this riddle.”
“We weren’t too sure what it meant either” Toppity admitted “but I’m sure we can work it out.”
She read it out loud again for them all:

When they shine through the ground
As they do in the sky
Follow the lights
To where treasure doth lie

They all stopped to think for a minute. It was quite a puzzling riddle. Not many things shone through the ground and up above at the same time. Hoppity suggested that they could be shiny stones, but Toppity pointed out that stones didn’t shine above too. Maybe stones that were underwater and reflected above? 
But the riddle said, through the ground not underwater.
Soon they were all out of ideas.
“It doesn’t make any sense!” exclaimed Zorean, throwing his arms up in the air from frustration.
He sat down in the grass with his head in his hands. 
“I’m sorry” he said. “I just get a bit crazy, looking for this wand. I missed so much time with my family, when I was younger because I was too busy treasure-hunting, and then I left all of you, my best friends, to go looking for it again. I think things were better when I’d forgotten about it.”
Boppity sat down next to him. “It’s ok, Zorean” he said. 
“We came here to help you look for it and that’s what we’ll do.”
Zorean smiled a bit. “Thanks, Boppity, but maybe we should all just go home instead.”
“Whatever we do, we best get some rest first” said Koko.
They all agreed with him. It was getting dark after all.
Zorean made a magical camp fire and everyone laid down around it to sleep.

~ ~ ~ 


Toppity couldn’t stop thinking about the riddle. 
She lay awake listening to Hoppity and Boppity snoring, and turned the words over again and again in her head. Eventually she gave up and just looked at the stars. 
She thought about Boppity, and how he often talked about seeing shapes in the clouds. 
Things like dogs, cats, and bunnies. Toppity had realized that the same was true for the stars. 
If she imagined lines between the brighter ones, she could see many shapes.
Together, that group of stars looked like a bird. Those ones looked like one of Zorean’s pointy hats. There was even a shape that looked a bit like Koko’s cacao tree.
Oh, and those ones made a large arrow.
Wait a minute. Where had she seen that before?
Toppity sat bolt upright.
She had figured it out.
“Everyone!” she shouted. “Wake up! I’ve solved the riddle!”
Hoppity and Boppity both sat up at the same time, their fur all messy, and their eyes still sleepy.
“Treasure?” Mumbled Hoppity.
“Snacks?” Muttered Boppity.
Zorean and Koko were awake now too.
Koko rubbed his eyes and yawned.
“What did you say?” asked Zorean.
“Snacks?” suggested Boppity.
“No” said Zorean, “What did Toppity say?”
“I said, I’ve solved the riddle!” said Toppity. “Pass me the map please, Zorean.”
Zorean passed the map to her. Toppity turned it over to the dots on the back.
“Boppity was right” she said, “These dots are important.”
“Yay!” said Boppity, halfway through a yawn.
“Look!” Toppity pointed at the arrow in the sky, “It’s the same pattern.”
Zorean looked a little confused.
Toppity turned the map back around and held it up in front of the fire.
“Careful!” warned Hoppity.
“Don’t worry” Toppity reassured him, “I know what I’m doing.”
The light from the fire shone through the map, making the dotted arrow and the island visible on the same side. The arrow lined up with the island, its point resting on a small cove behind the mountain.
Toppity recited the riddle “When they shine through the ground as they do in the sky.” 
Zorean could hardly believe his eyes.
“My goodness, Toppity, you’ve figured it out!” he said.
Toppity looked very pleased with herself.
“What do we do next?” asked Hoppity. He was wide awake now.
“We follow the stars” declared Toppity “To that cove there.” 
She pointed to the cove at the tip of the arrow on the map.
Hoppity was up and ready to go. “Come on then, what are we waiting for?” he said.
Zorean put out the fire with a wave of his hand. The moon and stars were very bright that night, and the group could see just enough to know where they were going.
With the starry arrow above to guide them they set off over the hills, all bathed in silver light, the grass swaying gently in the warm breeze.
To get around the mountain, the friends walked along the beach. The sea lapped lightly at the sand and shimmered in the moonlight. No-one said a word. They just enjoyed the sound of the sea and the feel of the beach beneath their feet.
All sense of time was lost, and before they expected it, the friends had reached the little cove. 
They stood for a moment and looked around. 
Hoppity was the first to speak.
“Look” he pointed out to sea, “another island.”
They all looked out over the ocean and sure enough, on the horizon, and only just visible in the moonlight was the shape of a small island.
“That one certainly wasn’t on the atlas” said Zorean.
“The stars are pointing right at it” exclaimed Koko.
The arrow in the sky did seem to be aimed right at the little island.
“This has to be it!” Said Zorean. He started running towards the sea.
He’s gone mad! thought the others. Zorean leapt for the sea and just as they all thought he was going to get very wet, he did a somersault and turned into a boat.
“Jump in, everyone” said the Zorean-boat.
“Ok, that was very cool” said Hoppity as everyone climbed in. 
They left the shore and made a steady course for the little island. Everyone was very sleepy, and soon, even Toppity had drifted off to sleep.

~ ~ ~

Zorean woke very slowly. 
He had been dreaming about being a boat.
Not wanting to get up quite yet, he rolled over and snuggled down into his nice, sandy bed.
Zorean’s eyes flew open. 
“Eeeugh!” he sat up and brushed the sand from his beard.
He definitely wasn't a boat anymore.
It was morning, and the others were just waking up around him.
Hoppity was spitting out sand.
“Good morning” said Boppity, having a good stretch.
“Oh, this is going to take forever to get out of my fur” complained Toppity, brushing off the sand.
They all stood up and looked around. In the distance, out to sea was the island they’d come from.
“We must have made it to the little island” said Toppity.
“Where’s Koko?” asked Hoppity.
The pixie was nowhere to be seen.
“Koko!” They called out for him.
“I’m over here!” came a voice from further inland.
They hurried up off the beach and onto the grass. Suddenly they were in a forest made up of cacao trees, just like the one Koko lived in. Koko was there with at least ten other pixies.
“Oh, hello” said Zorean. “Who are your new friends, Koko?”
“They live here” replied Koko, “and they’re all chocolatiers just like me!”
He launched back into a complex conversation with the other pixies, all about percentages of cacao and how they affect ‘tempering’.
“Okaaay…” said Hoppity awkwardly. “Let’s, uh…let’s leave them to it.”
The three bunnies and Zorean left Koko to chat with the other pixies, and headed towards the middle of the island. It certainly wasn’t a very big island, and soon they came across a small cottage.
Next to the cottage was a garden, and working in that garden was a very large chicken.
“Hello, there” said Zorean.
“What do you want?” came the chicken’s unkind reply. She didn’t even look up from her work.
Zorean was a little taken aback.
“Oh, umm. Sorry, but would you happen to know anything about a very special magic wand being kept around here?” He asked nervously.
“Yes” said the chicken bluntly. “I have it.”
“Really? Can I see it?” asked Zorean, hopefully.
“No!” The chicken glared at him.
Zorean’s heart sank. “Oh, I see.” He didn’t know what to do.
“What’s your name?” Boppity asked the chicken.
“Happy” she said, and went back to her work.
“Why are you so grumpy, Happy?” Boppity asked, quite innocently.
The chicken stopped in her tracks.
The others stared at Boppity in disbelief.
“Boppity!” hissed Toppity, under her breath.
But he didn’t hear her.
“Maybe we could make you some chocolate?” he suggested. That usually worked.
“Chocolate?” said Happy.
“Yes, chocolate” said Boppity.
“Chocolate?!” repeated the chicken. For some reason she seemed to be getting even angrier.
“Umm, yes. Chocolate” said Boppity.
“CHOCOLATE!?” Now the chicken was clearly furious.
“Boppity, please stop!” whispered Toppity, urgently.
Boppity paused for a moment, looking slightly puzzled.
“Chocolate” he said.
Toppity hid her face in her paws, Zorean covered his ears, and Hoppity put a paw over his mouth.
Happy stormed over to Boppity.
“Don’t you talk to me about chocolate!” she stared him down.
Boppity, who wasn’t the least bit phased asked “Why not?”
“I can’t stand the stuff!” snapped Happy.
“How come?” asked Boppity “It’s so delicious!”
“It doesn’t matter how delicious it is!” wailed the chicken “I can’t eat it, I’m sugar free!”
And with that she sat down and started to cry.
“Oh dear” said Toppity.
Boppity walked over and patted Happy on the back.
“There must be some way that we can help” he said.
“How?” sobbed the chicken “I’ve lived almost my whole life on this island, surrounded by chocolate. 
All those pixies ever do is make chocolate! It smells so good and I can’t stand it! You might as well just take the wand” she moaned, “It only works for wizards anyway. It’s in my cottage.”
Zorean hesitated for a moment.
Could it really be here?
Had he finally found it?
“No” he said, firmly. “We’re not leaving until we can find a way to help you, Happy.”
“I really don’t see how” said the chicken.
“Actually, I might have a way for you to be able to eat chocolate” said a voice from somewhere behind the bunnies. Koko walked out from the forest with a group of pixies.
“I’ve just been telling the other pixies about this plant that I discovered” he pulled a small leaf from a pouch on his belt and explained that it was from a plant called ‘stevia’. 
He told them how, if done properly, he could use it instead of sugar to make chocolate.
“But I’ll need more of it. Have you seen anything like it around here?” he asked Happy.
“Yes, I do believe I have” she said. Happy had stopped crying now, and certainly didn’t seem angry anymore.
She led them to a spot behind her cottage where, to Koko’s delight plenty of stevia was growing.
“Oh, Happy” he said with a big grin, “we are going to make you the best sugar-free chocolate!”
Happy looked quite stunned.
“I don’t know what to say” she admitted.
“You don’t have to say anything” said Koko, “Just give me some time, and we’ll whip something up for you” and with that, Koko and all the other pixies disappeared off into the cacao forest.

While the pixies were off working on the chocolate; Zorean and the bunnies waited with Happy.
She was a lot nicer now that she had calmed down, and was showing Boppity around the garden.
Hoppity, Toppity and Zorean had opened up a cacao pod, and invented a game using the beans inside. They were just starting to get good at it when there came a noise from the forest.
Everyone looked up from what they were doing.
The noise, now clearly voices, got louder and louder until, suddenly Koko and all the other pixies burst out of the forest.
“We’ve done it!” announced Koko.
He was carrying a plate with a big bar of chocolate on it, and looked very excited.
They all gathered around as Koko broke off a piece of the bar and gave it to Happy.
The chicken sniffed it cautiously.
“You’re sure that it’s sugar-free?” she asked.
“One Thousand and One percent sure” declared Koko, proudly.
Happy took a careful nibble and then popped the whole thing into her beak.
It was delicious!
Happy wrapped Koko up in her wings, and gave him the biggest of hugs.
“Thank you so much!” 
“You’re welcome” wheezed Koko, barely able to breathe.
Next, Happy hugged Zorean, the bunnies, and every last pixie.
When everyone had been thoroughly hugged, Happy disappeared into her cottage for a moment and came back out carrying a small chest.
“Treasure…” breathed Hoppity, his eyes wide with excitement.
Happy handed the chest to Zorean.
“Thank you all for being so kind to me” she said. “I hope the wand works for you, dear wizard.”
Zorean was just about to thank Happy in return when the lid of the chest opened all by itself.

The wand, glowing brightly, floated up from inside and hovered in front of Zorean.
Its light shone brighter and brighter until no one could bare to look at it.
The wand made one final, dazzling flash, and suddenly Zorean, Hoppity, Boppity, Toppity and Koko were standing in the sunny clearing next to Koko’s cacao tree.
The wand ceased its glowing and fell to the ground.
“Oh, hello” said Mr. Hare, “that was quite an entrance.” 
He was sitting in a deck chair sipping a tall glass of lemonade.
“Oh my gosh” said Hoppity. “Is that lemonade?”
“Help yourself.” Mr. Hare gestured to a big jug, and several glasses.
The bunnies and Koko gladly helped themselves. Boppity was just about to pour himself a glass when he noticed Zorean, still standing in the clearing where they had all arrived.
He was holding the wand, and looking like he had just dropped a triple scoop of hokey-pokey.
Boppity hopped over to him. “Are you alright, Zorean?” he asked.
Zorean stared at the wand. “It didn’t work…”
The wizard felt more lost than ever before. He had searched for the wand for so long, and had truly believed that it was what he wanted, that it would make him happy. Now, he just didn’t know what to do.
“Didn’t it?” said Boppity.
Zorean looked puzzled. “Sorry?” he said.
“Didn’t it work?” said Boppity.
“No!” Zorean insisted. “It was supposed to take me to happiness, to show me what would make me truly happy!”
“I’d say it did a pretty good job then” said Boppity. “Lemonade?” he offered Zorean a glass.
“What do you mean?” asked Zorean.
“I mean, do you want some?” explained Boppity.
“No, what do you mean by it did a good job?” said the wizard.
“Well” said Boppity, “I always find that it’s my friends and family that make me the happiest. 
“Lemonade helps too” the bunny took a sip before continuing, “You said yourself that things were better when you weren’t thinking about the wand.”
Zorean thought for a moment. Boppity was starting to make sense.
“The wand didn’t need to show you anything new” said the bunny, “it just needed to remind you, and that’s why it brought you here.” He gestured to the forest around them, and to their friends, sitting, talking, drinking lemonade.
Zorean looked at the wand. 
Boppity was right.
It really was that simple. He was already happy, he’d just forgotten.
“Huh” he said, and then started to laugh. He laughed, and laughed. Boppity laughed too.
The other looked over at them.
“You two alright there?” asked Mr. Hare.
“We’re fantastic!” said Zorean. He had tears in his eyes from laughing so much. “You really are a thoughtful bunny, Boppity. Thank you.” He said.
“No worries” said Boppity. “Lemonade?”
Zorean smiled, “I’d love one.”
They sat down with the others, and talked and laughed and drank lemonade.
They almost didn’t notice the wand starting to glow again.
“Zorean, the wand!” Toppity pointed.
Zorean turned to look. “Oh. I guess I have somewhere else to go. I think I know where it is.”
He stood up and walked over to the wand. The light flashed and the wizard was gone.
“Where did he go?” asked Koko.
Boppity smiled, “to visit his mum.”
All the lemonade was gone, and so, at long last the friends went to Koko’s tree to make chocolate for all their friends in the forest.

The End.