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Hoppity, Boppity, Toppity & Mr Hare

Bunny Stories

Hoppity, Boppity, Toppity & Mr Hare


Hobbity, Bobbity and Toppity were best friends who loved to go exploring together. Ever since they had the courage to venture beyond their home, Long-Eared Hollow, they discovered so many things and met so many wonderful creatures. Herbert the magnificent peacock and Koko the chocolate pixie were just a couple of the friends that they had made during these adventures.

At a special time every year they would visit Koko the chocolate pixie who lived in a great magical chocolate tree. Herbert the peacock would give each of them one of his long magnificent feathers and they would all tickle the chocolate tree until it dropped its big red pods. The chocolate tree loved being tickled. Then Koko, the chocolate pixie, would go inside the tree and make them each a special chocolate from the magic beans inside the pod. Last year he showed them how to make their own chocolate and they shared it with the whole forest.

Hobbity, Bobbity and Toppity were very excited as today was the day to go and visit Koko. They wondered what the adventure would hold this time….

This year when they arrived at the chocolate tree Koko was no where to be found! Around the tree they saw big hare paw prints and little pixie prints. They were very scared of Mr Hare but knew that they had to find their friend.

They started to follow Mr Hares prints even though they were shaking in their paws!! They bound forward together. All of a sudden Hobbity shouted “look”, the Bunnies thought he had seen Koko but he was looking at a birds nest on the ground, filled with 3 beautiful eggs and Mr Rat sniffing around the nest hungrily. They were a little scared of Mr Rat too but Toppity said “if we bounce up as one big bounce perhaps it will scare him away” (she was a wise little bunny!)

So that’s what they did. On the count of three they bounced right up to the nest, landing as one and Mr Rat got such a fright he scurried off into the bushes. They climbed up on each others shoulders and returned the nest right where they saw a very large black & grey feather. Bobbity popped the feather behind his ear as they wobbled and toppled and fell down with a bump. “Quick we must continue to find Koko” said Bobbity.

They found the Hare borrow, and shakily knocked on the door. Mr Hare answered with a gruff “who is it?”
“Excuse me”, Hoppity asked bravely, “is our friend Koko there?”
“He is, but I am not letting him out until he shows me how to make that yummy chocolate, now be off with you.” Shouted Mr Hare.
“But you can only make chocolate when you have kindness in your heart” replied Toppity, with great courage. “Oh rubbish”, came Mr Hares reply.

“What shall we do?” asked Hobbity. They all thought for a while. “I know”, said Bobbity “lets make Mr Hare some chocolate just the way Koko showed us last year”. As they bounded back towards the chocolate tree, a beautiful Hawk swooped down, they quickly ran for cover. “Don’t be afraid” she said in a majestic voice “you rescued my nest and put it back in the tree, let me help you, my name is Hilary”.

She flew each one back to Koko’s house where they made the chocolate (first tickling the chocolate tree of course to get the pods). They did what Koko said and filled the chocolate with lots of love. The Hawk gave them an old nest to carry the chocolate in and they carefully placed it at Mr Hares door. The three friends then bounced away and hid. Mr Hare was so surprised when he opened the door, he reached down and had a nibble on the chocolate. He could not help but feel the love and bravery of Koko’s friends which made him feel sad, because no one cared for him like that and he started to cry.

Toppity bounced over and asked him why he was crying, he explained to her how lonely he was. “But we will be your friends” she said and gave him another piece of chocolate. “You can join in our chocolate adventure every year”. Koko came out behind Mr Hare and agreed with the Bunnies. Koko, the Bunnies and Mr Hare made chocolate together and shared it with their forest of friends who all became Mr Hare’s friends. They had another wonderful year together.