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Hoppity, Boppity & Toppity's First Adventure

Bunny Stories

Hoppity, Boppity & Toppity's First Adventure


Hobbity, Bobbity & Toppity were best friends who loved to go for a bounce around Long Eared Hollow. On this particular day Hobbity and Bobbity called for Toppity to go for their daily bounce.

To their surprise Toppity did not want to go. Why not?', Hobbity asked. ‘Well, we do the same thing every day and I feel like an adventure, something new, lets explore a new Hollow, a new field....', replied Toppity.

Hobbity and Bobbity were shocked, but Toppity’s excitement was so great they decided to follow her. And what an adventure they had. Off they went together. Around one corner they discovered a beautiful peacock displaying his magnificent feathers. He gave them each one to take on their adventure.  ‘You never know when you might need a feather!’

Down by the river they found a bird’s nest full of eggs. As they turned to come home Toppity pointed to a beautiful tree with the most amazing large, red pods hanging from the trunk. They tried to hop as high as they could to reach it, but it was too high. They climbed on each other’s shoulders only to topple over.

How can we reach that beautiful fruit they wondered? ‘I know’ said Hobbity, ‘let’s use the peacock feather to tickle the tree.’ And that is what they did! With each of their beautiful feathers they tickled the tree until it laughed so hard that all the branches shook and down fell this beautiful fruit.

As the pod hit the earth it cracked open. Inside lay some magical beans. They heard a tiny voice – ‘oh, clever you!’ They looked down and there at the bottom of the tree stood a Pixie dressed in chocolate.

‘What is your name?’ Hobbity asked the pixie. ‘My name is Koko and I am the chocolate pixie, but every year I run out of chocolate because I cannot reach the high up pods on the tree.

Toppity gave him her peacock feather.

Come with me he said, and he took them inside the tree. The smell was amazing, they had never smelled anything sooooooooo good. ‘This is called chocolate ‘, Koko said, handing them a piece each.

This was simply the best thing the three bunnies had ever, ever tasted. Koko promised that if they visited him every year at this time (which is when the tree bore its magical fruit), he would make them each their own chocolate.

Well what an adventure!  ‘Toppity’, said Bobbity, ‘you were right, it is so exciting to go on new adventures. It was worth going through my fear of leaving the burrow. I wonder what the next adventure will hold?