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Hoppity, Boppity, Toppity & The Humans

Bunny Stories

Hoppity, Boppity, Toppity & The Humans


Hobbity, Bobbity and Toppity were best friends who loved to go exploring together. They discovered so many things and met so many wonderful creatures on previous adventures. At a special time every year they would visit Koko the chocolate pixie, who lived in the great magical chocolate tree.

Herbert the peacock would give each of them one of his long magnificent feathers and they would all tickle the chocolate tree until it dropped its big red pods. The chocolate tree loved being tickled. Then Koko would go inside the tree and make them each special chocolate from the magic beans inside the pod which they would share with all their friends of the forest.

Last year Mr Hare kidnapped Koko but through the bunnies courage and kindness Mr Hare changed and became another of the bunnies’ friends.

Hobbity, Bobbity and Toppity were very excited about making chocolate this year. They were on their way to collect their friend Mr Hare so they could all together visit the great magical chocolate tree and Koko the chocolate pixie.

When they got to Mr. Hare’s burrow they found him shivering in his paws. ‘What’s wrong Mr Hare?’ asked Hobbity. Mr Hare explained how earlier that morning big creatures, who stood upright as they walked, came past, making loud noises and were heading towards the chocolate tree.

‘Quick’, shouted all the Bunnies. ‘We must see if Koko is ok’. They bounded off at a bunny pace. When they got to the chocolate tree, Koko was sitting on the ground crying and shaking his head. He looked up as his friends bounded in. ‘I am sorry Bunnies and Mr Hare but there will be no chocolate this year’, he said. ‘Why not?’, asked Bobbity. ‘Look up’ came Koko’s reply. The bunnies looked up and were shocked to see that the Chocolate tree was empty of its beautiful pods.

All the Bunnies sat down with a sad bump. ‘No need for Mr Peacocks feather this year’, said Hobbity. ‘No chocolate for all our friends in the forest’, said Bobbity ‘Wait’, said Toppity. ‘We need to get our pods back. We cannot accept this’. She was a brave little bunny.

And so the three bunnies, Mr Hare and Koko all set out and followed the strange new paw prints that they had never seen before. They came to a clearing in the forest and there they saw tall, strange creatures making strange sounds.

‘What are they?’ asked Mr Hare. ‘They are called Humans’ said Koko. ‘You know them?’ asked Toppity. ‘No, I don’t know them, but my Father told me that one day they would come and he taught me human words so I could help them understand about the magic of chocolate. My father explained that they needed chocolate to help them feel happy because they had lost their way and no longer listened to the trees and birds. Chocolate would help them smile more and smiling helps everything. I always knew they would come but I didn’t think they would just take the pods from the tree as if they owned them. I thought they would ask about its magic and if they could learn, just like you all did... This is going to be difficult’.

‘What is that awful smell’, asked Bobbity. ‘Oh no they are boiling the chocolate beans! That is not how you make chocolate. You should roast the beans over a fire. What are we going to do?’ ‘Look over there’, said Hobbity. They all looked and saw a pile of beautiful chocolate pods that had been picked from the tree. They were all relieved to see the pile of chocolate pods and went over and started to climb onto the pile. Suddenly there was a loud rumbling noise and the pods start to move. The Bunnies looked at each other in fright. What was happening? They were moving with the pods. They peeped out and saw the ground moving. They were on a truck heading somewhere far away from their bunny home.

The three Bunnies, Mr Hare and Koko were very frightened but there was nothing they could do. Eventually they all fell asleep. ‘Wake up’, said Toppity as she shook them. ‘We have stopped. The humans are going into their house’, said Koko. ‘I can hear them. They will empty the truck of chocolate pods in the morning. We must do something’. Suddenly, they heard a beautiful voice say to them ‘Hello little ones, are you ok, can I help you?’ They turned and saw a beautiful Human with long, long dark hair and a big banana smile in her face. ‘Oh could you?’ said Koko, and he explained the whole story.

‘My name is Daniela’, said the human, ‘and I love animals and I would love to help you and your whole forest, so this is my idea.’ ‘To make sure the humans do not come back every year to take your pods, we need to plant them their own chocolate trees. And I am sorry for the humans who took your pods. Not all humans are like that’. ‘Koko could you show us how to plant chocolate trees?’ ‘Yes I can’ said Koko, ‘and I will use my magic to make them grow over-night’. ‘Wonderful’ said Daniela. ‘I live close to here, and if you show me how to make chocolate I will show the humans and they will leave your forest alone’.

So they cracked open the pods and took out the chocolate seeds and started to plant them. ‘Oh goodness’ said Toppity, after a while, ‘I am getting tired.’ ‘Let me teach you a special dance that will help wake you up’, said Daniela and before long all the creatures of the forest were dancing the salsa. Their paws were moving, their tails were bobbing, and they laughed and danced and moved in the beat of salsa!

While the bunnies and Mr Hare were planting the beans, Koko showed Daniela how to make chocolate. As the sun rose there was a new picture for all mankind… Beautiful, fully grown chocolate trees on the horizon and on the grass, the three little bunnies, Koko, Mr. Hare and Daniela all fast asleep with their mouths covered in chocolate.

Daniela was the first to wake. She stretched and smiled. ‘Oh my goodness, my life has changed forever’, she said. ‘I love chocolate’! ‘Now how do we get you home’? ‘I know’ said Bobbity – ‘lets call Hilary’ (Hilary was the eagle they met last year on their chocolate adventure). They all held paws and hands and used their hearts to call their eagle friend just as she had taught them and before they knew it, Hilary the eagle swooped down to fly them home.

They all gave Daniela a hug and promised to visit her next year. Back in their home in the forest they realized there would be no more chocolate for all their friends this year. ‘That’s ok ‘said Koko, ‘the humans needed help this year. Inside every little bunny and every human and every creature is magicalness. Chocolate helps us to remember this. Now it will help Humans remember their magicalness’.