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Hoppity, Boppity, Toppity & The Big Surprise!

Bunny Stories

Hoppity, Boppity, Toppity & The Big Surprise!


Hobbity, Boppity and Toppity were best friends who loved to go exploring together. Ever since they had decided to venture beyond their home, Long-Eared Hollow, they had discovered so many things and met so many wonderful creatures. Herbert the magnificent peacock and Koko the chocolate pixie were just a couple of the friends that they had made during these adventures.

Every year they would go back to see Koko who lived in the great magical chocolate tree. Herbert would give each ofthem one of his long feathers and they would all tickle the tree until it dropped its big red pods laughing. Then Koko would go inside the tree for a while and make them each a special chocolate.

Hobbity, Bobbity and Toppity were very excited as today was the day to go and visit Koko. But the bunnies did not know that this time, Koko had a surprise for them!

As usual, the three bunnies hopped through the forest to see Herbert. They found him sitting in a sunny clearing, grooming his many beautiful feathers. “Hello Herbert!” they called out.
“Hello my dear friends!” he replied, standing up and fanning out his feathers proudly, “what do you think?”
“Lovely of course!” they giggled. They all thought Herbert was a bit funny.
“Have you got any feathers for us?” Hobbity asked.
“I most certainly do” the peacock said, and strutted off towards the edge of the clearing, “follow this way!” he chimed.

When they arrived Koko was waiting for them. “Welcome back!” he said with a big smile “this time I have a very special surprise for you, but first let’s get the pods.”

The bunnies took their feathers and gave the tree a good tickling.
“Oooh ha ha hee hee hee hee!” the tree laughed loudly, dropping big red pods all over the grass.
“That will be more than plenty!” Koko said gathering them all up, “now follow me and I’ll tell you what the surprise is.”

They all followed him inside the tree, which seemed a lot bigger on the inside, and waited eagerly for the surprise. “Today…” announced Koko, “I am going to share with you, the secret to making chocolate and show you how to do it yourselves!”

Oh wow! The three friends thought. Making our own chocolate!

 And so, Koko showed the bunnies how to cut open the big red pods and turn the beans inside into butter and powder. Then he showed them how they could mix the butter and powder with other things, like milk or sugar, to make all different kinds of chocolate. Then, when they had their wonderful, creamy chocolate, they made it into eggs of many different sizes and colours.

When they were done at last, they stood back and marvelled at the huge pile of eggs. “Not even I’m going to be able to eat all of those!” Bobbity said “what are we going to do with them?"
“I know!” piped up Toppity “we should invite all of our friends from the forest to a chocolate egg hunt.”

Everyone thought that that was a fantastic idea and, while Koko hid the eggs around the forest, the three bunnies went running off to tell all of their friends about it. For the rest of the day Hobbity, Bobbity, Toppity and all of their friends had great fun and the three bunnies agreed that this was the best adventure yet!