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New Zealand

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Mystical Collection

Mystical Collection

a new dimension of chocolate
from a deeper dimension of Being


“Mystical life Awaken Me!

Open Me to the totality of your wondrous mystery!

Free Me from the habit of the known that limits me!

See Me, Know Me in your depths of bright black mystery!

Like the stars in the sky, Love Me, Feel Me, radiantly Free Me!

Aware Me, I live the life of the Eternal Mystery!”

B Prior

Deep and mystical, a bean of ancient power, found in the heart of the Ecuadorian jungle, crafted with modern technology on the shores of France, weaves its journey to She Universe. This collection is a true expression of Heartful Creativity enjoying the alchemy of single source, organic, fairtrade ancient cacao, passion and local ingredients. Mystery happens as lovers unite, flavours erupt and a new dimension of chocolate is formed. This is sacred exquisite world class chocolate that the heart and taste buds will disappear into. A collection that carries the deepest call to all lovers to awaken into their True Mystery.


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