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79 Main Road
Governors Bay, Canterbury, 8971
New Zealand


About She


About SHE

She Universe began 13 years ago when International Spiritual Teacher, B Prior, moved to the Bay to open a retreat centre.

Shortly afterwards the then small local café in the bay came up for sale and the idea came to create an oasis for people where the heart can know itself, rest in the beauty of the bay and enjoy nourishing cuisine.

Many were inspired by the vision and came from all over the world, from various backgrounds from Banking to Holistic Therapies, to move and create in a new way, and to discover how to run a business from the heart.

One of these Beings brought a passion for all things Chocolate and the chocolate expression started to flower first at Lyttelton market and then through the café and now all around New Zealand.


The Decadent Date, our first chocolate ever...

The Decadent Date, our first chocolate ever...


Through a fire that burned half the building 12 years ago, two earth quakes and many more unexpected challenges, She Universe has grown to be a recognized and loved oasis full of creativity, inspiration and love.

We have expanded to a hot chocolate bar at The Tannery and of course our much loved 1947 London Bus that will be reappearing very soon! Our passion is to become a leading Kiwi brand that reconnects to the essence of everyone’s original freedom.

Welcome to She Universe, welcome to your own heart and your mirror to discover and enrich your passion, creativity and your next.

If you are inspired, touched and would love to discover more, come and visit us...


...with a heart that is wide open and vulnerable...