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79 Main Road
Governors Bay, Canterbury, 8971
New Zealand


About She


About SHE

Our vision of the part we are called to play in this world:
Being the living engagement of human spirit, sharing tastes of the infinite.

We believe that through helping and encouraging each other to truly meet as one heart and to express our great gifts, we may all know love as our true nature, abundance as its true form and wonder as its true delight. We are not here to change the planet but to co-create a new era of love, abundance and wonder for all.  Join us in the continual discovery of this extraordinary life!

 The Decadent Date, our first chocolate ever...

The Decadent Date, our first chocolate ever...


If just one bite of our chocolate, one smile from our team, one movement of The Form touches your heart, then our hearts sing and our work is complete (until the next moment!). There is always more on this great adventure of discovering who we truly are: A drop of love returning to the ocean of the universe!


...with a heart that is wide open and vulnerable...