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79 Main Road
Governors Bay, Canterbury, 8971
New Zealand


About Our Chocolate


Chocolate Alchemy


At She Universe we are not only Chocolate Specialists but true Chocolate Alchemists who breathe and follow the vastness of chocolate - its depth, wonder and magic to bring you the gold of true chocolate experience.

We are New Zealand's only Chocolatiers and Confiseurs in that we craft both from the cacao bean and work with the finest French and Belgian Chocolate.



“Our chocolate carries the code of love, passion and creativity that overflows and connects to the greatness inside everyone.”

- Oonagh, Chocolate Ambassador


Meet Our Chocolatiers...


Ask our chocolatiers: “Why is She Universe chocolate different?”

Sarah: "Our Chocolate is a dynamic synergy of flavour combination."

Ann Charlotte: "We don’t just love what we do, we are also discovering the One that does and loves!"

Daniela: "We are in love for Chocolate, so our creations are full of flavour, beauty and most importantly Love!"

Lauren: "We work together and feed off each other’s ideas to provide unique delicious creations."


Real chocolate is a whole sensory experience. It should be beautiful to the eye, fragrant to the nose, crisp to the ear, luscious to the touch and magic in the mouth! And once in the mouth the journey should continue bringing the perfect chocolate moment!

Harmony Collection - Pralines & Caramels

Harmony Collection - Pralines & Caramels

Koko Samoa Collection

Koko Samoa Collection

Hearth Collection - Winter Flavours & Textures

Hearth Collection - Winter Flavours & Textures