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79 Main Road
Governors Bay, Canterbury, 8971
New Zealand

About Oonagh

Your Host ~ Oonagh


Chocolate Ambassador
Director, She Universe

Oonagh Browne was once a Project Manager in London and got to a place of ‘Enough!’ Not knowing what was for her, she went on a soul searching journey. This journey took her across the world and on a quest in search of a life that was whole. On the quest Oonagh discovered that the answers lay on the inside and not the outside.

Much to her amazement in this quest she discovered a passion and talent for all things chocolate and many answers to questions she had been searching for her whole life. Its like a voice that she only had touched on in moments of her life came fully alive. This passion burned and when she moved to New Zealand to be a part of the She Universe team, she of course brought her passion for chocolate with her. Her passion continued to grow as an art form to express the inner magic that is inside of everyone.

Oonagh's passion for chocolate attracted Sarah, a fantastic chocolatier from Sydney and at this point Oonagh stepped back from production and into product development and going back to the source of the ingredient. This brought her to the cacao farm in Samoa and her expertise for and love of cacao grew even more as she listened, discovered and merged with this ancient sacred ingredient.

Oonagh’s passion is contagious, her openness and her discoveries in life, she wears on her sleeve and is available to all who are with her. On this retreat Oonagh will share her journey, passion and love in its entirely with you.